Venom Ferrofluid Magnetic Speaker

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Experience the extraordinary with the Venom Fluid Speaker. Its mesmerizing design and magnetic fluid technology create stunning visual effects that captivate your senses. With sound sensing technology and powerful bass, it delivers an immersive audio experience with high-fidelity treble.

Crafted with durable 304 stainless steel, it ensures long-lasting performance. Whether you're enjoying music or seeking relaxation, this speaker is the perfect companion. Plus, its modern Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity makes it easy to connect and enjoy your favorite tunes.

Elevate your audio experience with the Venom Fluid Speaker.
Venom Ferrofluid Magnetic Speaker
Venom Ferrofluid Magnetic Speaker Sale price$299.00 Regular price$359.00
Power source





25 x 22 x 22cm



Usage time/Connection distance/Charging time/ Connection

8 hours/25m/3 hours/ Type C

Where Sound Meets Vision

The Venom Fluid Speaker takes your music experience to a whole new level. It transcends traditional audio, allowing you to not only hear the music but also see and feel it.

With its mesmerizing visual effects, this speaker brings your music to life, immersing you in every beat and melody, from deep bass to crisp treble. It's a feast for both the ears and the eyes, offering a truly captivating audio-visual experience.

Elevate your music enjoyment with the Venom Fluid Speaker.

A Captivating Display of Unique Fluid

Rarely do you come across a speaker that utilizes such unique materials as the Venom Fluid Speaker. The Magnetic Fluid, a viscous suspension of magnetic iron particles ranging in size from 0.3 to 10 nanometers, is an enchanting marvel. It is evenly dispersed within an oil-like liquid, such as lubricating oil or silicone. This one-of-a-kind design creates a mesmerizing display that is both visually stunning and sonically immersive. Experience the extraordinary with the Venom Fluid Speaker.

In its normal state, the fluid appears similar to other solutions. However, when placed in a magnetic field, the nano-sized particles immediately respond, aligning themselves in a captivating display of intricate patterns, often resembling peaks and valleys. These patterns are formed by the arrangement of the nano-sized particles within the solution, influenced by magnetic forces and other factors such as Van der Waals forces, gravity, surface tension, and more. Witness the mesmerizing interplay of forces with the Venom Fluid Speaker, as it creates stunning visual displays to complement its exceptional audio performance.

Transform your workspace into a unique and vibrant environment!


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Feedback from Customers

Roger Harriss

A very well presented kit.

The instructions are superb; clear, concise and accurate. The model was a real pleasure to build, and almost worked as expected though I have one significant observation. I found that the hour 'reel' would not increment until I had reduced the tension of the detent spring and even now it is unreliable.


A very nice functional model!

I have get this as a gift and wanted to build it alone. But my nine years old daughter was so happy to build it, so that I only helped her at some critical parts. She had so many fun and build it in about eleven hours.


Impressed Products!!!

I loved making it and was delighted to achieve a maximum run time of 3 hours 50 during which the time stayed accurate for the first 3 hours (lost time a little as the maiin spring completely ran down, same as any mechincal clock).

Josh. Rough

Nice birthday gift.

Brought as a project to share with my 13 year old son. During the build we made a couple of minor mistakes which involved some minor disassembling and reassembling, but on the whole the build was relatively complex but straightforward as long as you focus on what the instructions and rigidly stick to them. And it works!!

Mendes Diniz

So Beautiful!!!

I'm in awe of the beauty and craftsmanship of these products. They exceeded my expectations.


First time see this product!!!

These products are not only visually stunning but also radiate a sense of elegance and sophistication.