Affiliate program

  1. Definition


  1. Affiliate program at 9Space:
  • Affiliates are individuals and organizations who agree to the Affiliate Agreement of 9Space. They participate in introducing, supporting and providing shopping guidance to customer on the website
  1. Private information
  • Understood as all the information regarding third-party partners as well as user information of 9Space, including the content of this Agreement, information about technology, payment history, formulas, source code, customer lists, names, addresses, and all other related information, including design, sales, costs, finances, business plans, and marketing data, as well as other confidential information; all of which are protected and secured.
  1. Successful transaction
  • Refers to the completion of a purchase and/or sale transaction for a Product between the Buyer and the Seller on the Platform, in accordance with the Terms of Service of 9space, as a result of the Buyer accessing the Platform through the Affiliate Link placed on the Affiliate Media, and the Buyer:
  • (a) is not a buyer generated by systems or electronic means, such as robots, computer software, or automated, simulated, or dishonest methods;
  • (b) does not use pre-filled information fields;
  • (c) provides all the necessary information for a Successful Transaction within the timeframe specified by 9space;
  • (d) has the order confirmed as successfully delivered and does not generate any cancellation or return requests due to subjective reasons from the buyer.
  1. Cookies policy – 9space
  • 9space currently provides a 30-day cookie duration. This means that from the moment a customer clicks on the Affiliate referral link, any new upgrade transactions that occur within the 30-day timeframe (without clicking on another referral link with a different affiliate's code, if it happens) will be credited with the corresponding commission.
  1. Affiliate responsibilities
  1. Affiliate activities
  • 9space's affiliates will utilize its methods to:
  • (a) promote 9space's products, and (b) take care of the customers they have referred.
  • During periods when 9space does not have any specific promotion programs, any promotional activities proposed by affiliates will be the responsibility of the affiliates themselves. In the event of any disputes or potential consequences arising from the program, 9space reserves the right to request the termination of the program.
  1. Promotion products
  • 9space's affiliates are allowed to introduce the 9space platform to customers using the promotional materials and items shared by 9space. All promotional items are not permitted to be edited or altered in terms of content, presentation style, etc., and should only be used for promoting 9space.
  1. Prohibited marketing activities
  • Affiliate marketers of 9space are prohibited from buying search engines in terms of keywords (like Google Adwords) or use words or phrases containing "9space" when naming media tools (such as domain names, group names, fan pages, emails, YouTube channels, etc.).
  1. Legal compliance
  • Regardless of the lack of indication in this Affiliate program, Affiliate marketers from 9space MUST comply with law & regulation at the country which they live and do business. In general, affiliate marketers will hold responsibilities with legal risks at their countries.
  1. Product-borrowing policy
To create favorable conditions for partners | 9space partners to have hand s-on experience with products and enhance the best customer and viewer experience, 9space provides product borrowing support according to the following specific regulations:
  • For Social Media partners
  • 9space will support product borrowing if the channel has a stable view count - detailed discussions will be held with the responsible manager. In the case where the partner's channel is just starting and doesn't have a significant following, we will accompany and support them by requiring a 100% deposit corresponding to the order value. This will help the partner develop their channel and establish a long-term partnership with 9space.
  • For Ad-runner partners
  • 9space will provide product borrowing support to partners who have consistently generated traffic and revenue, without any additional conditions attached.
Regarding the time frame for product borrowing, 9space will provide support for borrowing products for a period of 10-15 days. Partners can contact the responsible manager to provide necessary information, and we will arrange for the borrowed items to be sent to the partner.
  1. Commission and Payment process
  1. Commission
  • The fee that 9space will pay to Affiliate Partners in any given month ("Commission Fees") will be calculated based on the rates displayed on the Program's website or as agreed upon in a separate written agreement between the parties ("Commission Rate").
  1. How to calculate your commission?
  • The Commission Fees for any given month will be calculated based on either
  • (a) the Approved Budget or
  • (b) the Net Successful Transaction Value multiplied by the Commission Rate, whichever is lower in each case.
  1. Minimum payment
  • abc
  1. Payment
  • From the 1st to the 20th of the following month (month T+1), 9space will reconcile orders with a status of successful transactions that occurred in the previous month (month T). From the 20th to the 30th of each month (month T+1), 9space will notify partners of the reconciliation results. Payment will be made on the 20th calendar day of the next month (T+2). For affiliate partners who are companies, please submit complete invoices and service acceptance records before 9space proceeds with the payment according to the schedule mentioned in this clause.
  1. Agreement withdrawal
  1. About agreement withdrawal
  • 9space may terminate this agreement for any reason by providing immediate notice to its Affiliate. In the event of fraudulent activities or misconduct by the Affiliate, 9space reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the agreement and, if necessary, cancel the entire Affiliate account without prior notice. Likewise, the Affiliate of 9space may terminate this agreement at any time by providing immediate notice to 9space.
  1. Consequences of Termination of Agreement
  • Upon expiration or termination of this contract: (a) Each party shall return all assets of the other party if such assets belong to the ownership of the other party (including all protected information and advertising materials). (b) 9space's Affiliate shall immediately cease displaying any information or materials on their website or any other mediums. (c) All rights and benefits enjoyed by 9space's Affiliate shall be immediately terminated.
  1. Certain examples leading to the Termination of Agreement
  • If a partner borrows products from 9space but later uses those products to promote and affiliate with another brand for purposes other than selling 9space's products.
  • If a partner engages in activities that negatively impact 9space's reputation by sharing links to low-quality websites (e.g., adult content, pirated movies, gambling, etc.) to increase traffic. 9space will terminate the agreement if such behavior is discovered.
  1. Property rights
  1. 9space property rights
  • Between the Affiliate and 9space, all intellectual property rights, including but not limited to demographics and other customer-related information, potential partners, official partners, platforms, software, documentation, hardware, tools, equipment, processes, formulas, websites, or any other intellectual property related to 9space, are all copyrighted. 9space has full rights to use and authorize the use of these materials, including both current and past documentation.
  1. 9space brand usage rights
  • Throughout this agreement, 9space grants its Affiliate the right to use 9space's trademarks. However, the Affiliate of 9space needs to understand and agree that:
  • (a) Affiliate will use the trademarks in a lawful and correct manner, adhering to the original format and content,
  • (b) all trademarks belong to 9space
  • (c) Affiliate will comply with the responsibilities of being an Affiliate.
9space Affiliate program: Registration & Usage instructions
Step 1: Register for 9space’s affiliate program via this link:
Step 2: After successfully registering, this window will pop up
Page 1: Payment information
  • Total revenue: It refers to the total commission amount that the Affiliate will receive from orders with the discount status "Approved."
  • Unpaid revenue: It represents the amount the Affiliate is entitled to after orders with the discount status "Approved" have not yet been reconciled and paid by Vaithuhay.
  • Paid revenue: It represents the amount the Affiliate has received after orders with the discount status "Approved" have been reconciled and transferred to the Affiliate's account by Vaithuhay.
Page 2: Account information
On this page, the personal information of the Affiliate will be displayed along with the referral link and referral code. Additionally, the Affiliate must ensure that they have entered the correct and complete information marked with an asterisk (*).
There are two ways that Affiliate can refer their backlinks to customers
  1. Affiliates can paste the referral link on their page to make it easy for customers to access the homepage of the website and make purchases.
  2. To directly access a specific product page, affiliates can copy the code at the end of the referral link "/?ref=9space" and paste it right after the product link.
Page 3: Order management
This page will be the Affiliate's dashboard used to view the status of orders generated through their referral link. It will provide an easier way to manage commission earnings.
Within this page, it is easy to see in the Discount Status section that the Affiliate will encounter two statuses: "Pending Approval" and "Approved".
Here is the meaning of each status:
  • (Pending Approval): This status indicates that the commission for the order is pending approval from 9space. The affiliate will need to wait for the approval process to be completed before the commission is confirmed.
  • (Approved): This status signifies that the commission for the order has been approved by 9space. The affiliate can expect to receive the confirmed commission for orders with this status.
Page 4: Commission history
The website is currently undergoing an upgrade, so the information may not be accurate. 9space will make efforts to adjust it as soon as possible. We appreciate the understanding and patience of our affiliates during this time.
  1. 9space currently offers a 30-day cookie duration. This means that from the moment a customer clicks on the affiliate's referral link, any new transactions that occur within the 30-day timeframe (without clicking on another referral link) will be credited with the corresponding commission.
  1. If an order is in the "Pending Approval" discount status and the customer cancels the order, the commission amount from that order will be deducted from the "Unpaid Revenue" and "Total Revenue" of the Affiliate.
  1. After an order is created, 9space will conduct checks to identify any signs of abnormalities. Additionally, if there are excessive orders with incomplete information or fabricated information generated through the affiliate referral link, we reserve the right to consider and potentially disable the Partner's account.
  1. In addition, if an order is in the "Approved" status (meaning it has passed the 30-day period since the customer's purchase), even if the customer returns the product, the commission will still be included in the Affiliate's revenue.
9space Affiliate program: Why should you join our affiliate program?
  1. Who fits us?
  • 9space offers a wide range of innovative, technological, and unique workspace products. These products are highly suitable for promotion on social media channels due to their visually appealing nature and the ability to easily engage with customers. They are also great for creating fresh and captivating content on platforms like TikTok and YouTube, attracting views and viewership.
  • Digital Marketer, Content Creator, Startup-er
  1. Benefits as a 9space’s affiliate
  2. Pre-order products
  • 9space is currently focusing on promoting recent Pre-order products. These are exclusive and unique products that are not yet available on the market. They are easily able to generate views and engagement, as the 9space team creates high-quality content and imagery for these products. Additionally, sample products are readily available to showcase their features and benefits.
  1. Trending products
  • In addition to the Pre-order products, 9space also offers trending products that are currently popular in the market. There is a diverse collection of images and videos available, making it easy to create engaging content and attract views. Moreover, these products are suitable for running cost-effective advertising campaigns with low display costs.
  1. High commission rate
  • The commission rates range from 8% to 15%, depending on the quantity of products sold. Additionally, 9space provides additional support by offering exclusive COUPON codes for each channel and affiliate. These unique discount codes make it easier for affiliates to close deals with customers and enhance their conversion rates.
  1. Support service 24/7
  • We have a team of affiliate professionals who will company with you 24/7 ;)
  1. FAQs
Q: If a visitor clicks on the link but does not make a purchase, and then returns to make a purchase within 1-2 days, will the affiliate still be eligible for a commission?
A: 9space currently provides a 30-day cookie duration. This means that from the moment a customer clicks on the affiliate referral link, any new transactions that occur within the 30-day timeframe (without clicking on another referral link) will be credited with the corresponding commission.
Q: If a customer cancels an order, will the commission for the affiliate be deducted?
A: If an order is in the "Pending Approval" status and the customer cancels the order, the commission for that order will be deducted from the "Unpaid Revenue" and "Total Revenue" of the affiliate.
Q: What about the case of "Product Returns" by customers?
A: Furthermore, if an order is in the "Approved" status (meaning it has passed the 30-day period since the customer's purchase), even if the customer returns the product, the commission will still be included in the Affiliate's revenue.