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9Space has innovated our way to the forefront of the standing desk movement, helping people energise their work environment by making movement easy.

Our dedication to quality and reliability is unmatched - Our first sit stand computer desks are still on display and used to this day! We work with numerous local and internationally sourced components to build a bespoke office space experience.

All 9Space stand up office desks & accessories are designed with the user in mind to ensure an easier work-flow throughout the day while also creating a working environment that resonates with your inspiration of a dream office. 





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9Space Ergonomic Office Chair Pro - Improve Your Works9Space Ergonomic Office Chair Pro - Improve Your Works
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9Space Smart Standing Desk With Drawers & USB Charger Ports9Space Smart Standing Desk With Drawers & USB Charger Ports
9Space Smart Standing Desk With Drawers & USB Charger Ports

Released: 20/12/2023

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