Stainless steel ashtray with cover Swivel cover fly ash proof creative premium gift

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And it’s 99.9% effective across the entire surface of the phone! You won’t need to worry about germs surviving on the back and side surfaces. You won’t need to flip the phone for full sanitization. You won’t need to wait for 5 minutes or more — fast enough to use regularly throughout the day.

The cleanstation is slim enough to fit exactly where you need it, like in the crowded area by a sink or on the entryway table — but the inner chamber is big enough to fit almost any phone (even with a standard case).

An array of optical sensors automatically shut the powerful UV-C LEDs off if irregular movement is detected while laser-cut foam composite doors prevent UV-C light from escaping and dirt or dust from entering the omni-lux chamber.

Stainless steel


Matte gray / Shiny silver

Package Contents:

1 x twist cover ashtray


8 x 8 x 5.14cm

Effective Fly Ash Prevention:

With its intelligent Cover design to prevent fly ash, this product helps keep the surrounding area clean and tidy. The tightly sealed Cover prevents fly ash from dispersing, ensuring a fresh and comfortable atmosphere during use.

Creative and Unique European Style

Designed with an elegant and innovative European style, this product adds artistic and personalized accents to any space. With its modern and unique design, this ashtray becomes the perfect decoration for various settings, from homes to offices or coffee shops.

Premium and Durable Stainless Steel Material

Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this product boasts durability and a long lifespan, ensuring long-term and sturdy use. The stainless steel material is easy to clean and resistant to dust, maintaining the ashtray's shine and freshness over time.


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Feedback from Customers

Roger Harriss

A very well presented kit.

The instructions are superb; clear, concise and accurate. The model was a real pleasure to build, and almost worked as expected though I have one significant observation. I found that the hour 'reel' would not increment until I had reduced the tension of the detent spring and even now it is unreliable.


A very nice functional model!

I have get this as a gift and wanted to build it alone. But my nine years old daughter was so happy to build it, so that I only helped her at some critical parts. She had so many fun and build it in about eleven hours.


Impressed Products!!!

I loved making it and was delighted to achieve a maximum run time of 3 hours 50 during which the time stayed accurate for the first 3 hours (lost time a little as the maiin spring completely ran down, same as any mechincal clock).

Josh. Rough

Nice birthday gift.

Brought as a project to share with my 13 year old son. During the build we made a couple of minor mistakes which involved some minor disassembling and reassembling, but on the whole the build was relatively complex but straightforward as long as you focus on what the instructions and rigidly stick to them. And it works!!

Mendes Diniz

So Beautiful!!!

I'm in awe of the beauty and craftsmanship of these products. They exceeded my expectations.


First time see this product!!!

These products are not only visually stunning but also radiate a sense of elegance and sophistication.